Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Diversity in Entrepreneur Franchising

Most people think of getting a job as a way to earn a living, or to progress economically, helped in that mode of thinking by the sheer number of degree programs, or vocational courses that one can put to great use in finding employment in the different industries.

Still for many others, the way to prosper is through entrepreneurial activities like franchising. Franchising also needs diversity, just like other forms of businesses. One aspect of diversity is the franchisee or the owner. Franchisors can increase the number of owners in a particular demographic. For example, if the franchisor notices that there are fewer women franchisee owners, they can craft a program for women owners. Read more here

Success stories are told of entrepreaneur franchises owned by women and minorities and they serve inspiration to others aspiring to get into franchising.

Joyce Dawson started working for the Sonitrol security company as an alarm dispatcher in Southern Alameda County, Calif., in 1977, but today she owns and operates two Sonitrol franchises. Her hard work led to her induction as the first and only woman to serve as president of the Sonitrol National Dealers Association. The company has been named Minority-Owned Business of the Decade and inducted into the Minority Business Hall of Fame by other groups in the past. Read more about her here 

Three second-generation McDonald’s franchise owners in Southern California are building on the legacy started by their parents as small business owners and becoming active participants in community organizations, educational boards, and advocating on behalf of issues faced in the African-American community. Read more of their story here

There are more success stories such as theirs; on the other hand, much effort still needs to be done in order to increase diversity in entrepreneur franchising.

The median age for franchise owners is 45-54 years old with the majority of these business owners residing in California (37,238 units) and Texas (28,094). Men represent higher ownership of franchises than women at 71.9% ownership compared to 28.1% ownership. Men also represent a slightly higher ownership of multiple franchise units at 20.1% versus 16.2%. Read more about franchise demographics here 

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