Wednesday, April 30, 2014

7 Best Tips for Landing a Diversity Job in 2014

Soon it is time for many in college to say goodbye to the comforting world of their alma mater; time to set foot in the real world out there, look for a diversity job and launch a diversity career.

Some of you perhaps may have already been starting to send out your resumés and join the thousands of other jobseekers in the job market today.

Whether you're a fresh graduate, or currently under-employed, or even someone wanting to make a mid-career shift, job searching can be a daunting, frustrating task that can make the weak-hearted give up easily.

You do not have to, more so when you are confident you have equipped yourself with the best tools that can give you the edge in the competitive race for a job.

Here are 7 best tips to help you land a diversity job in 2014:

1. Apply for what you are qualified for.
“Applicants are actually causing the problem by applying for everything,” says Zulic, director of human relations for outsourcing firm Efficient Edge. “Apply for what you’re qualified for, not what you’re not qualified for.” See here

2. Decide what kind of job you are seeking, then brand yourself according to that job.
Having the right education and training for it is a plus, but the harsh reality is sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable job match to your educational background.

Carry on. Even if you can’t get a job, you can still work on building up experience in other ways: volunteer within your industry, get a part-time job, or enroll in online classes and work towards a new credential.  See more at
3. Create your resumé to stand out from the rest.
Here is one great resumé tip shared by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO. He writes in his article, “How I Hire: 5 Tips for Landing a Job at IDEO” they look for candidates that are “good cultural fit” - that is, one who can fit the company's culture: creative, collaborative and human-centered. And candidates who have impressed them with their resumés are those “who have wowed us have taken creative license and gone the extra mile to demonstrate their capabilities and passion. They’ve made video portraits, designed custom apps or, in one case, brought turntables connected to a dancing robot for an impromptu DJ set.” Read more here

4. Prepare well for the interview.
Show your best self, from the way you are appropriately dressed, to the enthusiasm that is beaming within you. Do some  research about the company, and let them know how you can contribute to the company's growth. Also, you may cite an example from your previous experience when you were able to provide a solution to a problem, or were able to initiate some new practice, all these to show your preparedness for the job. Ask relevant questions as well to show your keen interest in the company.

Practice answering common job-interview questions like “Why are you interested in this job?” “What’s been your biggest learning experience so far?” “What’s your greatest weakness? and “Why should we hire you?” See more

5. Build a good network
Brad Schepp, co-author of How To Find A Job On LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, writes about one surprising, yet cool tip when using social media. He suggests you should not be asking people “outright for a job. Make connections with the right people and let them see you are an intelligent, qualified candidate by updating your statuses several times a week, providing content to the groups you join, and tweeting about that interesting article you just read.” Read more here
6. Use your initiative.
Don’t just wait for adverts. Show employers how motivated and resourceful you are by contacting them directly to offer your services.Tell them why you want to work for their company specifically. See here
7. Go to, a career opportunity resource and job search engine for the cultural diversity marketplace. Look through its list of prestigious member diversity companies, and browse for diversity jobs that fit your interests and qualifications.

Finally, let this famous wise saying by Confucius guide you somehow in your diversity job search: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

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