Saturday, March 22, 2014 2014 Virtual Diversity Career Expos invites all diversity-minded companies who are looking to hire diversity employees to join its 2014 Virtual Diversity Career Expos, a series of 9 events to be held from April to November, with each event centered on a specific career focus.

Joining 2014 Virtual Diversity Career Expos offers diversity employers a unique venue to showcase their organizations, promote their job openings as well as give career advice to interested qualified applicants.

The virtual diversity career expos are unique in the sense that these provide each employer with a “Private Label” digital recruitment event, wherein each company participant does not share the branding, the message, the jobs or the candidates with any other companies, as there is no sharing required. In short, each diversity company gets 100% of the exposure, and all candidates flow into one direction – to only that specific company.

Moreover, through their private label recruitment event, each employer is able to send a very clear and simple message: A commitment to diversity.

In addition, employers gain all the benefits of a traditional career expo with none of the expenses or hassles, thus allowing them to funnel time and cost savings into the bottom line for better results.
    1. No more travel and expenses to Career Fairs.
    2. No more wasted time out of the office.
    3. No more setting up and tearing down of the company's display.
    4. No more interviewing endless unqualified candidates.
    5. All resumes go straight into the employer's applicant tracking system.
    6. Career Expo is open for 7 days, 24 hours a day.
The digital solution leads to a widened access for both job seekers and employers.

The following 2014 Expo Calendar highlights the career focus for each of the event:
  • April 21st - 27th — Pharmaceutical Focus
  • May 19th – 25th — General Focus
  • June 16th – 22nd — Sales Focus
  • August 11th - 17th — Financial Services Focus
  • September 15th – 21st — Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Focus
  • October 6th - 12th — Information Technology Focus
  • October 20th - 26th — Retail Focus
  • November 3rd - 9th — General Focus
  • November 17th - 24th — Government Focus
Each of these Virtual Exhibitions includes:
  • *Corporate Logo
  • *Corporate Profile
  • *468 x 60 Pixel banner
  • *Link to employment website
  • *Listing of immediate job Openings
  • *Recruiter Contact Information by Division or Region
  • *"Thank You" Message
For information on event pricing and other important details, please click here.

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