Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sandvik Coromant Recognizes Importance of Certifications for Skilled Jobs in Manufacturing

Most professional careers like doctors, lawyers and teachers require the highest degree of education, national licensing by the government as well as accreditation by their respective professional organizations prior to practising one's professional job. This is to assure that the practise of one's profession is according to the highest skills and ethical standards.

Likewise in the business industry, skills accreditation is important.
"As an employer, it is important to know the capabilities of a candidate — especially when you are relying on them to add to the value of your business and your customers' businesses," noted Jamie Price, president of Sandvik Coromant USA. "NIMS Certifications are the easiest way for a candidate to show his or her area of expertise. That credential on your resume shows that you can be trusted with a business' production and processes," he added. Read more here

In a related article on the importance of national certifications for skilled jobs, it is said that nationally recognized certifications assist your team in hiring the right people, with the right skills and abilities, to make your company more successful, if not feared by your competitors.

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